Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rabbit Hole Day

I've been cruising around different Rabbit Holes, and wanted to join the celebration if it's not too late.
Thanks FairyHedgeHog for starting this!

I was organizing my email folders a few days ago, getting ready to send out a new batch of Dubai Chronicles, when I accidentally deleted just about all of letters M through Z in my email list. Shite, I'm a very stupid person. Also lazy. I'm not looking these up again.

So, in honor of Rabbit Hole Day, I'd like to post my first Dubai Chronicle of 2009:

Hi Everyone,

There was a new ride at the children's park today. Painted across the bottom pole, a bit of its history: Property of U.A.E. military.

Imagine a gigantic trampoline with bungie appartus attached. Did the desert sun and hot, salty air corrode the elastic bands? Maybe. Maybe not.

Were the wobbly metal poles meant to wobble? Maybe. Maybe not.

Did the attendant holding a white cloth over his nose and mouth (which smelled like a chemical unknown to me), and with one reddish eye and one yellowish eye know how to do safety checks? Maybe. Maybe not. But Things 1 and 2 thought it was absolutely safe because it looked so damned cool. I told them no, at first. But after two hours of whining, I strapped them both into the harness and borrowed the attendant's happy towel.

NOTE: The photo above isn't the ride. But just imagine converting the above into a sling shot of sorts and having your children want to get in...this is what I'm talking about.

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